Louis li
Founder & CEO
TeenShare is an online mentor marketplace from Hong Kong offering different industry specialists to employee who desire to improve their career development, changing career industry or even start up a business but without related knowledge, skills sets, guidance and network. Struggling with mapping out your career path? No worries, we are here to help young profession like you to connect expert mentor from your desire industry. Our mentors will provide you a personalized tutorial experience with industry-leading advice on the job position, including daily duty, skillset requirement and interview preparation workshop. For young profession that is looking for a career upskill, we offer wide range of online courses covering different subjects that could enhance the soft skills, digital skills and other up-to-trend skills. Teen we share, shape the future together. Our Journey: As a junior banker, My partner Leo and I Louis had been struggling at getting into the job position that we have been craved for, mainly due to insufficient information of the job, self-doubt, or lack of related skillset. Thats why we truly believe in the power of career mentoring for every young profession. We are honoured to have been selected as the winning team of Young Techpreneur Project hosted by The HKFYG Social Innovation Centre and that is just the start of our dream.
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