Cloud Business Card Management
Improving staff efficiency
Reduced printing costs
Protecting company assets
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Business Card Management
Improving efficiency
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By allowing staff to communicate with customers via spidercard, companies can reduce traditional inefficient communication and increase overall work speed.
Employees can share or display QRcode to instantly deliver e-cards to any customer, anywhere, and communicate with colleagues, customers, and vendors in real time within the app.
Employees can share their e-cards instantly with customers anywhere via SPIDERCARD and establish real-time communication within the app.
All customer business card information collected by staff is stored in the internal database in the corporate back office.
Create E-cards
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Staff Management
Job succession
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NFC Sensitive Business Cards
Want to deliver your business card fast? Just touch it close to your phone.
*Support NFC sensor / QR scan function
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SPIDERCARD Questions and Answers
If you have more questions about e-cards or want to learn more about the business version. You can send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve your problem.
Do I need any proof of identity to register for the Business Edition of SPIDERCARD?
No, you do not. When you register, you only need to provide your registrant and basic company information, but also note that our verification letters will be sent by mail, so when you have finished registering, please remember to check the Mailbox you registered with, if you do not find it in the general mail, it is likely that this letter is not trusted by the mailbox service you use, you can enter the junk mail to check.
Do I need to buy a subscription plan first during the trial period?
No need! We offer a completely free 14-day trial for all registered users, you don't need to pay anything during the trial period, and we will remind you by email that the trial period is about to expire, and you can purchase a subscription plan to activate the full SPIDERCARD Business Edition features at any point during or after the trial period.
How do I know my trial period has started?
It starts when the registration verification is complete! Once you have completed the registration process and verified your activation, our system will immediately send a trial start email to your registered email address, signifying that your 14-day trial period has begun.
What services can I use during the trial period?
The trial version we offer is the same as every paid version except that you cannot perform business certification and there are fewer e-cards available.
How do I know my trial period is over?
By sending an email to the system! When you enter the 10th day of the trial period and the end of the trial period, two emails will be sent to you, one is to remind you that the trial period is about to expire, and the last one is that the trial period has expired, please check your registered mailbox.
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The online world is rapidly evolving and there are only two ways to go
❶ Leave the old ways of doing and thinking behind.
❷ Strive for new and faster information and technology.
If you're reading this, you should start trying it out now, and feel free to choose the right solution for you and your company, so you and your partners can get a head start on your business.